Walter of Chattanooga, TN

Walter of Chattanooga, TN writes:

I work in the dry cleaning business that has been in my family for over forty years. I also work in the music industry. I’m an avid motorcyclist, which is one of the reasons I got health insurance from the get-go–you never know what can happen.
I never would have gotten insurance if it wasn’t for the Affordable Care Act. It was very easy to get. I was able to go to a mobile sign-up store and they gave me all the information I needed and spelled it out very well, showing me my options of what was best for me and how to pay. I’ve been on it for the last three years. This year, my premium went down. My experience has been positive and easy. My brothers are on the same plan, and thankfully, like me, are healthy and have not had to use it.  But we are very happy to have it as a back-up in case of emergency. 

I have always felt strongly about healthcare. It’s a basic human right and a necessity. Everybody deserves it. It should be attainable because sickness and accidents do happen and you’re not in control of a lot of things, and without coverage people can be in a lot of trouble. You hear stories about an accident happening, and if someone doesn’t have insurance, they have massive hospital bills to pay, sometimes for the rest of their lives.
Since its implementation the ACA has been successful and has helped a lot of people. I’ve never heard someone who was actually on it say a negative thing about it. People are happy to have it because many of them had never had insurance before. It’s helped young people become more responsible, more adult, because when you’re in your teens you don’t think about healthcare, but given the option to get healthcare, it makes you think about the future more.

Repeal of the ACA would be disastrous for people in the state and in the country. Everyone relies on insurance for the things that they need to survive. It’s insane to go through the trouble of creating an enormous and historical healthcare law for Americans and then repeal it because of partisanship. That doesn’t make sense to me, it will hurt a lot more people than they think. I am hoping that Tennesseans will speak up and their voices will reach the decision-makers and effect change.

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