Trump Voters Most at Risk Under Health Care Repeal

News Reports Make Clear: Trump Voters Most at Risk Under Health Care Repeal


(NASHVILLE, TN) Reports continue to reveal an uncomfortable truth for Republican Senators: repealing health care hurts Trump voters the most. The repeal bill breaks their promises on health care.


That might explain why the Washington Post wrote that polling shows even Republican voters don’t want Republicans to pass this repeal.


See for yourself…


LA Times: Kids in pro-Trump rural areas have a lot to lose if GOP rolls back Medicaid


Communities like this aging West Virginia coal town along the Kanawha River were key to President Trump’s victory last year; more than two-thirds of voters in surrounding Fayette County backed the Republican nominee.


Now, families in this rural county and hundreds like it that supported Trump face the loss of a critical safety net for children as congressional Republicans move to cut hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade from Medicaid, the half-century-old government health plan for the poor.


POLITICO: How health care bill could hurt a program beloved in Trump country


One of the unintended effects of the Senate’s Obamacare repeal bill would be to slash money that pays for a project popular among Republicans — using long-distance video hookups called telemedicine to connect sick kids in rural schools to big-city medical experts.


In poor and rural areas, many in deep-red Trump Country, the school nurse is not just handing out bandages anymore; she’s become a de facto medical guide, marshaling medical care for poor kids with obesity, asthma and diabetes, while on the lookout for issues like child abuse and teen pregnancy.


POLITICO: Red-state school leaders vent frustrations with GOP health bill


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s health care bill is getting failing grades from red-state school leaders — even in his home state of Kentucky.


Fleming County Schools Superintendent Brian Creasman was taken aback when he discovered the bill would make cuts that could devastate his ability to provide health services to needy and disabled kids.


Here in rural Kentucky, the heart of Trump country where three out of four voters cast ballots for Donald Trump and many regard McConnell as their political protector, Creasman initially thought the bill’s potential cuts to school districts must be a misunderstanding.


Only they weren’t.