Susannah of Nashville, TN

Susannah of Nashville, TN writes:

I am a student family nurse practitioner in Nashville, TN. I’m new to Nashville and to nursing. I became a nurse to care for underserved populations. As a blue dot in a red state, it’s a little scary to speak out, but I’d be failing as a nurse if I stay silent.

I have already seen firsthand that the ACA helps so many of my patients. TennCare is lifesaving for my patients. If Republican lawmakers repeal the ACA, I will honestly fear for my patients’ lives. One thing I have learned in nursing school is that illness can strike anyone at anytime. All Tennesseans deserve the peace of mind that comes with access to affordable care. If I don’t speak out against this repeal, I don’t know how I’ll be able to look my patients in the eye when they tell me about their financial worries.

I have personally benefited from the ACA as well: I am 25, and I was able to stay on my parents’ health insurance while I took nursing prerequisite courses like Anatomy and Physiology at a community college. Coverage until the age of 26 helps young professionals like me get the education and experience we need to serve our communities.

Please help protect my patients by speaking out in favor of the ACA. If there are any Republican lawmakers reading this, I urge you to think like a nurse. Nurses learn on day one to treat our patients the way we would like another nurse to treat our hospitalized family members. Would you vote to take away healthcare coverage from your own family?

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