sherry of garrison, KY

sherry of garrison, KY writes:

I’m sherry hall. I’ve lived in or around Garrison Ky since 97. I’m married with no children and have been a homemaker for 16 years. Many friends and fAmily also live in and around Garrison Ky. I am a Christian and have been since I was a child. I like to attend Lloyd ridge pentecostal church.

I have many illnesses such as PCOS, bipolar disorder, diabetes, and use a cpap at night. I could not afford my 1500 in mediaction without Medicaid which the current Healthcare has made me eligible for. I could barely go to the doctor before and lived with sleep apnea for years before being able to get help.

Without another plan that covers people as well as this one, I’m afraid we are in trouble. I am terribly afraid of losing my coverage. I have for once really felt like my government really cared about ┬áme and my health and now I’m feeling very at risk. Please don’t take away my care. So many people i know have benefited from the current care plan. Please make responsible choices that won’t leave the health of the nation in worse shape than ever if care is simply cut off. Thank you.

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