Margartt of Memphis, TN

Margartt of Memphis, TN writes:

  1. I work as a respiratory therapist in Memphis, Tennessee. I raised 4 children here. My husband & I have worked very hard to provide all that our children needed including healthcare.

I lost my job in 2013 which means I also lost my health insurance. It was the first time in my life at age 57 that I was at risk for financial ruin should a health crisis occur. I signed up for insurance in 2014 through I felt like a huge boulder was lifted off me. I found employment later that year with health benefits but I will always be grateful for the safety of the ACA.

I have worked in healthcare since 1979. The majority of my career spent in pediatrics. The burdens these families face when their children have chronic illnesses or trauma related health problems is so gut wrenchingly sad.



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