Letter to Editor: Tyler of Chattanooga, TN

Tyler of Chattanooga, TN writes:

It’s time Republicans stop playing politics with the health of our families. Four years ago, my father was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He was in between jobs, but was able to find insurance and we were able to afford the expensive treatment for him to survive. Two year later, he died from another cancer unexpectedly, and my mom and 11 year old sister were on their own to try to find health insurance. Thankfully, my mom found an Obamacare policy she could afford.
Today this story turns out differently thanks to the recklessness of our elected Representatives in the House. Under the law that just passed my dad would be denied coverage for having cancer, our family would have gone bankrupt to afford his coverage, and my mom and sister lose their coverage. Premiums for someone like my mom a 53 year old with pre-existing conditions will skyrocket to nearly 5 times what she is paying. Our family’s story is now the story of 526,000 Tennesseans who stand to lose their health coverage. Senators Alexander and Corker need to stand up for Tennessee families, stop playing politics with our healthcare, and vote no on this healthcare bill.

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