Letter to Editor: Stacey of Nashville, TN

Stacey of Nashville, TN writes:

Dear Senator Alexander,

My name is Stacey Ells, and I am a constituent from Davidson County. I am writing because I stand by your statements to wait to repeal the ACA until we have a replacement plan in place. However, I am disappointed by your recent vote on the budget resolution that seems to go against your original statement. My daughter was born prematurely and had to spend 2 weeks in St. Thomas Mid-Town. Without insurance, the visit would have cost over $200,000, out of pocket. A sum that would have surely mired us in horrific debt, simply because my daughter was born early. I ask that you stand by the statement, that we should not take any steps to repeal ACA without a replacement plan in place first. Hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans are counting on you to make sure that no harm is done as we change the health care system, including submitting millions of Americans to the least, of overwhelming debt or worst, the decision between life and death. Please vote no on the budget reconcilliation and other bill that will put our people at risk.

Stacey Ells

3605 Wilbur Pl Nashville 37204


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