Letter to Editor: Samantha of Nashville, TN

Samantha of Nashville, TN writes:

My name is Samantha Saturn. I am a 45 year old mother and entrepreneur living in Nashville with my two children, Zander (8) and Natalie (5).  My husband also runs his own business as a Physical Therapist.  We are successful, hard-working Americans that send our children to public school and have been fortunate to have affordable health care for our entire family.

As one of the over 500,000 Tennesseans who stand to lose their health coverage because of ‘repeal and delay’, I am saddened and outraged.  What’s worse is that if god forbid something should happen to my children, or my husband – we have no ‘medical paid leave’ or any back up for health care expenses.  We are healthy but I watched both of my parents die of cancer a few years ago and – like my husband and I – they too were small business owners.  Thank god, they had what they needed in terms of drug coverage and cancer treatment.  We need that too.

Before Senator Alexander and the Congressional Republicans tear apart our health system, they need to show us a comprehensive plan to protect the health and financial security of my family.  

Thank you.


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