Letter to Editor: Natalie of Nashville, TN

Natalie of Nashville, TN writes:

As a single mother and small business owner for over 12 years, I am one of the thousands of Tennesseans and millions of Americans who has benefitted from the ACA.

I am writing because I am very disappointed in Senator Alexander’s actions this week. His vote goes against his promise to ‘replace’ the ACA.  Alexander’s vote called to end the requirement that insurance companies must cover essential health services like emergency services, hospitalization stays, maternity and newborn care, prescription drugs and services to help people struggling with mental health and substance abuse. His proposals fail to guarantee that all people with pre-existing conditions won’t be charged more or denied the coverage they need. These actions do not protect Americans.

Senator Alexander: I urge you to please not rush the repeal of the ACA. I call on you to lead the charge in showing us a comprehensive replace plan that protects the people first and that assures high quality care. Please stand up for your constituants and Americans. Please stand up to the Trump administration. Let it be your legacy.

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