Letter to Editor: Nancy of Cookeville, TN

Nancy of Cookeville, TN writes:

I have helped sign Tennesseans up for the ACA and have seen many people who previously couldn’t afford medical treatment and suffered for years, now able to afford healthcare and improve their health and their working lives.  I have had breast cancer and had been turned down for coverage.  I don’t receive any subsidies but I have access to healthcare coverage and that is huge. Without affordable, accessible, quality healthcare, I could have an opportunity to find myself in the same position as many Americans filing bankruptcy because of medical costs.  There still needs to be improvements to the ACA but its a great start.

I am disappointed by Senator Alexander’s actions this week. Tennesseans, and all Americans, deserve to see a real plan that protects high-quality, affordable health care.  What Senator Alexander called for is worse because he called to end the requirement that insurance companies must cover essential health services like emergency services, hospitalization stays, maternity and newborn care, prescription drugs and services to help people struggling with mental health and substance abuse. His proposals also continue to fail to guarantee that all people with pre-existing conditions won’t be charged more or denied the coverage they need.

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