Letter to Editor: Michele of Nashville, TN

Michele of Nashville, TN writes:

As a mother of two young children, I’m disappointed by Senator Alexander’s actions this week. Tennesseans, and all Americans, deserve a real plan that protects high quality, affordable, health plan.

This “repeal without a delay” will cause women to lose access to no co-pay birth control. Insurance providers could be permitted to charge women more than men for identical health care plans. Pregnancy and anxiety disorders could be considered pre-existing conditions again, which means certain insurance providers could go back to refusing coverage to pregnant women and people with mental illnesses.

Finally, if the ACA is repealed and not speedily replaced, the 20 million Americans (526,000 Tennesseans) who currently benefit from the ACA could lose health coverage entirely. If this happens, make no mistake, many Americans will die as a result.

I would like to ask that Senator Corker & Alexander to oppose repeal of the Affordable Care Act. They need to show us a comprehensive plan to protect health and financial security of our families.


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