Letter to Editor: Linda of Kingsport, TN

Linda of Kingsport, TN writes:

My name is Linder Barber. I have lived in Kingsport since 1978. I was a teacher and later worked in real estate. As people with private insurance, the ACA has been great for us. Before the ACA, our premiums were going up every year. The year before the ACA, our insurance was $27,000 per year and our deductible was $5,000. In 2014, the year after the ACA was implemented, the price of our insurance dropped to $11,500 per year with a deductible of $3,500. In 2015, the premiums were $14,500 with a $5,000 deductible. In 2016, the premiums were $16,500 with a $5,000 deductible. This year, the premiums will be about $21,000 per year. This is still less than the amount we paid before the ACA. If the ACA was not implemented, our premiums would be $40,000 or more. If the ACA is repealed, our premiums will increase drastically, leaving us with less money for retirement. There is no way that the proposed plans will be financially better for us. I want our lawmakers to leave the ACA alone. It has been wonderful for my family and people we know. If anything, tweak the plan and make it better.


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