Letter to Editor: Leah of Franklin, TN

Leah of Franklin, TN writes:

My name is Leah Bennion.   As a start-up attorney, I represent many individuals who are fulfilling the American Dream by starting their own businesses.  I am a technology lawyer, and many of the individuals I represent are frontiering technology to revolutionize their respective industries. Without the ability to insure his/her families, many of these people will be forced to abandon their research and groundbreaking technology will be buried.

Finally, and most importantly, my brother in-law, a kidney-transplant recipient, is branded with the dreaded “pre-existing condition” and is constantly living in fear that should the ACA be repealed, he could be uninsurable.

526,000 Tennesseans stand to lose their health care coverage if the ACA is repealed. I understand the plan has problems.  But it MUST NOT be repealed without a replacement. That would signal that you are more committed to partisanship-bickering than representing your constituents.  Please show us a comprehensive replacement plan prior to repealing anything.  Tennessee families are counting on you.

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