Letter to Editor: June of Spring Hill, TN

June of Spring Hill, TN writes:

I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I lived in Delaware in the early 80’s but moved to Tennessee when my husband got a job here. I work as a dental hygienist but most dental offices don’t offer health insurance. The only way I’ve had insurance is through my husband. However, he is older than me and recently retired. I was paying for COBRA for a while but it became expensive very quickly.

Without the Affordable Care Act, we wouldn’t have been able to get the coverage necessary to treat my autoimmune disease and connective tissue disorder. It has also allowed me to have colonoscopies regularly which is important because I am at high risk for colon cancer: another preexisting condition of mine.

The Affordable Care Act has been great for me, and I didn’t even qualify for premium tax credits because of my income. I’ve done my fair share of work in medical billing and my Obamacare was just as good or better than any private insurance I’d ever had.  Even paying full price was worth the coverage I got. I had a great choice of doctors and still paid less money than I did for my COBRA coverage.


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