Letter to Editor: Jodi of Cookeville, TN

Jodi of Cookeville, TN writes:

When I was 13, I began working at a nursing home. Since there was a shortage of nurse assistants at the time, I helped take care of the elderly in the home. At 16, I got a full-time job working at the nursing home. I settled down in Cookeville and started going to Tennessee Tech University and working full time with developmentally challenged individuals.

I got a job at an emergency mental health crisis center. I became the expert in the region on emergency mental health as I got better at my job. In 2009, I started breaking down. After getting progressively sicker, I saw a Nephrologist at Vanderbilt who diagnosed me with medullary sponge disease.

I needed a hysterectomy, hormone replacement medication, as well as a cholecystectomy.  I also got let go from my job after 17 years because of management disagreements. The ACA was there to catch me.

If my senators repeal the ACA, they better be able look me in the eye and tell me that I deserve to die because they will be signing my death warrant. The person who dismantles the Affordable Care Act will be the one responsible for killing me.



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