Letter to Editor: Jenny of Nashville, TN

Jenny of Nashville, TN writes:

I am disappointed in Senator Alexander’s actions this week concerning the Senate health care bill. He is failing to stand up for the needs of Tennesseans – 526,000 of who stand to lose their health care with any vote to repeal the ACA. 1 in 10 of Americans in general. It will never be okay, or even remotely American, to take away care from the least of our citizens.

I want Senators Corker and Alexander to answer some questions. Why does this bill provide more protection and coverage for insurance companies than your constituents? If you are determined to keep protections for pre-existing conditions, how does this bill’s treatment of essential health benefits achieve that? Did you become a Senator in order to help and protect people, or help and protect companies? What will Tennessee do if given the ability to ask for a reduction in coverage requirements, thus protecting the interests of insurance companies over the lives of your constituents?

With these issues as well as the deep cuts to Medicaid, I’ll admit that I’m not optimistic for our state should this bill become law.

Further, it is irresponsible to to assume that a replacement plan that affects hundreds of millions of people can be crafted, debated, and passed in a matter of days.

We have elected Senator Alexander three times now. It is high time he held a town hall to hear from the people he represents, and used his seniority to speak up on our behalf.

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