Letter to Editor: James of Maryville, TN

James of Maryville, TN writes:

My name is J. Nathan Higdon and I was born and raised in Maryville, TN. Currently, I’m finishing up my PhD in Business Administration. I started my first business, a transportation company, in 2004. For people who are creating jobs, you don’t hire people just to fill positions. You’re hiring people who buy into the vision you have to create a better community, and they need healthcare.

I have a degenerative joint disease, and I am concerned about not having insurance. I try to live a healthy lifestyle, but I do have a pre-existing condition. I know what I’m up against as I age, so preventative care has been really important. The ACA has changed the way people make strategic long-term decisions.

The fix to be something better than just yanking it away. In Blount County, so many people can’t afford health insurance. We know better, and we have to do better.

Senator Alexander, you need to get out and meet constituents. I believe that “You can’t hate something you love,” and you can’t misunderstand something if it’s standing right in front of you. Show up and see people saying, “This isn’t partisan, this is my life you’re playing with.”



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