Letter to Editor: Fair Taxes by Curtis of Nashville, TN

Curtis of Nashville, TN writes:

Dear Tennessean:

The Republican tax bill is a monstrosity of anti-democratic taxation. The Republicans are set to hand over at least $1.2 trillion to the already fabulously wealthy in this country, while doing the three card monty on the middle class with an insignificant break that goes away in a decade, while the fortunes they’re handing to the rich are permanent.

They out and out lie about how much corporations are paying in taxes, knowing full well that US corporations never pay the full 35%, but more usually around an average of 20% because of all the carve outs.

They mean to pay for this outrage by first adding to the deficit, yes, that deficit…the one they claim is so critically important when Congress wants to do anything for the benefit of the middle class, the working class and the poor. Then they mean to reduce the deficit on the backs of old people, the poor and the sick by hollowing out Medicare and Medicaid and eventually Social Security. This is the same trickle down trick they used when Reagan and Bush were in office. Two periods that saw the greatest transference of wealth in the country’s history, from the poor and working class to the wealthy.

As Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice, once wrote, “You can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few or you can have democracy. You cannot have both.”


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