Letter to Editor: Denise of Nashville, TN

Denise of Nashville, TN writes:

Dear Editor,

My name is Denise Bahil and I am a constituent from Nashville. I am writing because I stand by the Tennessee Senators statements to NOT repeal the ACA until there is an acceptable replacement. However, I am disappointed by their recent votes on the budget resolution that seems to go against their original statements.

My son has is allergic to tree nuts. Without the ACA, we could end up in a situation where he needs life-saving medication–the epipen.

I agree that we should not take any steps to repealing the ACA without a replacement plan in place first. Please, please Sens, Corker and Alexander DO NOT repeal the ACA without a replacement.

Hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans are counting on you to make sure that no harm is done as we change the health care system. Please vote no on the budget reconciliation and any other bill that will put our people at risk.


Denise Bahil

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