Letter to Editor: Craig of Signal Mountain, TN

Craig of Signal Mountain, TN writes:

There is something highly immoral about making decisions behind closed doors that affect so many people. We need transparency and you even called for that. I fail to see the follow up from you in hosting/scheduling town hall meetings etc. If you can’t follow through on this, then please, make up for it with your actions to save everyone’s healthcare. This shouldn’t be a political thing and thus is your chance to do something MEANINGFUL, that transcends politics and party. The UK has had Universal Healthcare since 1947. Most of Europe has followed suit. They pay less and have better coverage without the final thought of "I can’t afford this, or I’ll be bankrupt", so I’m gonna skip this procedure.

In Tennessee alone, 526,000 people will be affected. For a pro-life party, why do you choose not to protect life in this case? Why are you okay with your constituents paying up to 10 times the amount for medicine or treatments than other people pay in other countries? Canada, UK, etc. Why is okay for you to have healthcare that comes from the taxpayer but NOT allow the taxpayer to have the same access? The system is fundamentally broken.

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