Letter to Editor: Courtney of Nashville, TN

Courtney of Nashville, TN writes:

My name is Courtney and I am a Nashville resident. I am so disappointed in Senators Corker and Alexander. They have an opportunity to prove to their constituents that they will stand up for us, and for our health care. Senator Alexander has stated that the ACA should only be repealed when thereĀ are concrete platforms for replacement. However, Senator Alexander has also called to end requirements that insurance companies cover essential preventative and primary care that patients need to stay healthy and to keep future costs down. Furthermore, by denying care to the 2.8 million patients with pre existing conditions, the repeal of the ACA will do nothing but hurt Tennesseans. Senator Alexander has an opportunity to cement his legacy and do right for his state. He could use this chance to remind his constituents why they chose him to represent our state. We deserve to have care, compassion, security and a plan from our Senators.

Thank you.

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