Letter to Editor: Clean Cars and Air by Sara of Murfreesboro, TN

Sara of Murfreesboro, TN writes:

My name is Sara Moorehead and I am a recent graduate from Middle Tennessee State University. Less than a year ago, agencies worked together to complete a thorough evaluation, which consisted of thousands of man-hours of research and analysis, evidence gathering for more than a year, an extensive comment period in which all stakeholders, including the auto industry, were deeply involved and to which the EPA responded. Based on this
extensive scientific record and stakeholder involvement, EPA made the decision to keep the standards – as they are – out to 2025. Existing clean cars standards ensure that Americans who need bigger vehicles for family or work
have fuel-efficient choices. New truck buyers will save, on average, about $4,800 to $8,200 over
the lifetime of a new 2025 truck. If corporate lobbyists succeed in rolling back these standards,
those choices will disappear, and the Americans who need the savings the most will be hurt. Rolling back vehicle efficiency and clean car standards will only increase pollution and trigger negative public health impacts like asthma attacks and heart attacks due to impacts from climate change. For example, research shows that weakening standards to cut tailpipe carbon pollution will further contribute to climate change, which can worsen asthma symptoms for the 24 million Americans – including 6.3 million children – who suffer from asthma.
Our country should not sacrifice breathable air in order to line the pockets of greedy corporations.

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