Letter to Editor: Clean Cars and Air by Colleen of Murfreesboro, TN

Colleen of Murfreesboro, TN writes:

I moved to Tennessee because it is a beautiful state. Both of our children attended MTSU and are doing well in their careers. Our son has asthma, and as a mom with a kid with asthma, air quality is important to me. I don’t want to go back to times I remember as a kid when pollution of all cities caused a haze hanging over the cities. Car pollution was one of the biggest factors in an unregulated environment. I’m concerned now because this current White House administration is trying to destroy the EPA and roll back fuel efficiency standards which have helped our air quality AND pocketbooks.

Senators Corker and Alexander voted for the fuel efficiency standards in 2012. They too know that keeping our air clean is the right way to go. These EPA standards have also saved Tennesseans millions at the gas pump by providing more choices for fuel efficient cars.

Existing clean cars standards ensure that Americans who need bigger vehicles for family or work
have fuel-efficient choices. New truck buyers will save, on average, about $4,800 to $8,200 over
the lifetime of a new 2025 truck. If corporate lobbyists succeed in rolling back these standards,
those choices will disappear, and Tennesseans who need the savings will be hurt the most.

Let’s keep our air clean and our cars fuel efficient. Call or visit Senator’s Corker and Alexander and let them know you care too.

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