Letter to Editor: Amy of Nashville, TN

Amy of Nashville, TN writes:

Dear Senator Alexander,

My son was born 10 weeks early and spent 46 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Nashville. I never planned on having a preemie, never planned on hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, or having a sick baby struggling to breathe and eat. His prematurity is considered a pre-existing condition and without the ACA he might not be eligible for health insurance. If there are caps placed on lifetime care, he has almost reached his max.

Please don’t make ordinary people your political pawns. Think of all the real people your decisions affect and take your time in making them. I don’t have power, but you do. Be the voice for the average Tennessean who needs your help to keep their health care. Please don’t repeal the ACA without an equal or better replacement.

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