Letter to Editor: Amy of Nashville, TN

Amy of Nashville, TN writes:

My name is Amy Cooper and I want to share my story in hopes that our elected officials will reconsider repealing the Affordable Care Act without an effective replacement.

Both of my children live with serious autoimmune diseases, one of which periodically requires hospitalization and lifelong medication. Our last trip to the hospital, with insurance, was over $70,000 plus $1,500 in monthly prescriptions. Without her medication, my daughter struggles to move, breathe or swallow. Without the intervention we received at the hospital, my daughter would have died. My son has required extensive medical testing on multiple occasions, and someday he may need the same expensive hospitalization and treatment as his sister. They are currently covered by our health insurance, but I am haunted by what happens when they are too old to be on our plan.

We are small business owners so I understand the burden of providing health care. But I would no sooner turn my back on our employees than I would on my own family. Health care is a human right and I’m asking our elected officials, my fellow Tennesseans, and our President to provide a suitable replacement for the ACA before any repeal.

Thank you


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