Laurie of Knoxville, TN

Laurie of Knoxville, TN writes:

I have lived in Knoxville, Tennessee for 17 years.  I have been a self-employed freelance court reporter for that entire time serving Knoxville and the surrounding areas, including trips to Nashville and Chattanooga for depositions.

Before the ACA, buying insurance was a nightmare.  There was no way to adquately compare policies “apples to apples” and no way to pin down costs.  The system was to apply for coverage, include one or two months’ premium payment,

and indicate the date you wanted that coverage to start.  The company would then wait until just days or weeks before the start date and let you know if they would agree to insure you, and at what price.  That price always went up from the quoted price – bait and switch?

At that point it was too late to decline coverage and start the process with another company; it was take it or leave it.

Although I have always been a pretty healthy individual, I have felt very strongly that health insurance is a necessity.  Having the ability to buy insurance has greatly increased my peace of mind because I know that should I develop a medical condition, I cannot be denied coverage.

In my 35+ years in the litigation field, I’ve heard so many stories about how an accident or medical condition or complication has turned lives upside down.  It is heartbreaking to see lives ruined and good, hard working people struggle with finances because their insurance coverage either did not pay a claim or they have been mired in litigation for years due to high medical expenses, or they have lost their homes due to bankruptcy.  I’m sure you know medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country.  Shameful.


It is morally wrong that so many working families end up in bankruptcy because of medical bills.  Morally wrong that some of our largest corporations do not pay a living wage AND do not provide healthcare, forcing those employees to rely on public assistance to obtain necessary health care.

Please do not vote to end ACA unless and until a better plan is in place.


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