Lane of Nashville, TN

Lane of Nashville, TN writes:

I am a single mom of two small children and educator who now owns a small business as a college coach. I’ve been a life-long resident of Nashville, TN, and up until I left the classroom in May 2015, I taught junior English for twelve years in Williamson County Schools. Now, I work with high schoolers to guide them through the college application process to maximize their acceptance and scholarship offers. We live in Sylvan Park now, but until last year, I lived in Spring Hill for twelve years. My son is an avid Lego builder and one of the most analytical and inquisitive kids you’ll ever meet, and my daughter, who starts Kindergarten in the fall, loves to sing and dance every hour of the day. I also am a writer who writes about the challenges of divorce and how to empower women to find their own identity separate from the many other hats we wear.

As a self-employed small business owner and single mom, I rely on the ACA to provide health insurance for myself and my two children. One positive thing that happened in the aftermath of my divorce was that I found I could afford medical insurance for my family, and the coverage has been very good. I am passionate about my work and helping students in this capacity, and I fear that repealing the ACA would force me to abandon my business for a job that provides health insurance. I know the difference I am making in the community, and my children love having a mom with a flexible schedule so I can spend these precious younger years with them, especially in this time of change and transition. I got a quote for private health insurance yesterday to see what my costs would be. My monthly premium would increase by $700. There is no way I could afford to pay that kind of cost.

Please, don’t repeal the ACA. If you want to reform it, great. Take your time, and build something sustainable that would not deprive hard-working, middle-class small business owners of affordable health care coverage. Don’t just repeal it because you don’t like it or to make a political statement. My family needs this. For others like me, this is not a time to sit by and let others do the talking on our behalf. Speak out, call your senators, and be the sqeakiest wheel you can be.

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