Kelly of Hendersonville, TN

Kelly of Hendersonville, TN writes:

I still live in the same town I grew up in, only a few miles from where my great-great-great grandfather was born. My family has lived in Tennessee since it was a state. Even though we have all the growing pains of growth, I still love the place I came from and can’t imagine being away from it for long.

Whenever my country or community has needed me, I have stepped up. I am a veteran and served during the first Gulf War. I taught Sunday School and served on church boards and I volunteered in my community as a member of The Rotary Club, my local Chamber of Commerce and many other service organizations.

Like a lot of people in real estate and construction, I struggled to find work during the recession and was still looking for work in my field when I found a lump in my breast in 2011. I had no health insurance, I was single and I my daughter had just started college.

It took months to find a doctor to see me and, finally, in July of 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer and was able to apply and be covered by TennCare. Without TennCare and the incredible doctors I had, I would not have lived to see the end of the year.

The side effects of five years of cancer treatment have left me with some permanent disabilities and challenges. Even so, I do all I can to give back to those around me – caring for my aging parents and volunteering in the community.

I am alive because of public healthcare. Because of programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and the ACA, thousands of Americans are able to be healthy, productive citizens.

If you think it is vital we care for one another and we put love into action, I need you to raise your voice and tell our leaders that you support these vital programs.

Together we can move America forward!


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