Irene of Chattanooga, TN

Irene of Chattanooga, TN writes:

I am an older American on Medicare. I have many friends that now have healthcare coverage because of the Affordable Health Care Act.  I am a community leader and I feel that both will be privatized by the new administration. Eliminating these 2 health care programs will surely bring chaos to our health care system. 

I am pleading to my elected officials to Uphold and Support the Affordable Care Act and Medicare.

I am writing because I am very concerned that the Affordable Care Act will be defunded under the new administration and thousands of American people will again be without health insurance.  The ACA is working well, just like the early Social Security Act, affordable health insurance is new until we can understand it better.

I am unable to comprehend how representatives who swear to uphold the Constitution to their constituencies and decide to destroy health insurance for millions.

I urge those who are uninsured and need healthcare insurance to write, email or call their representatives to request that the ACA and Medicare be continued and not interrupted.

Thank you.

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