GOP Leadership Demands Health Care Repeal Plan Kept Secret Before Vote, GOP Members Demand Answers

(Nashville, TN) The Senate is just days away from a vote to repeal health care, but the problem is that no one knows which secret plan they’re voting on and exactly how much damage it will do. And that’s exactly how GOP leaders like it.


Republican Senator John Cornyn, the Majority Whip, today said he couldn’t give details about their secret repeal plan because it is “a luxury we don’t have.”

With just days until Republican Senators vote on repealing health care, we still have no idea what their secret plan is or what it will mean to people’s lives. Will 22 million people have health care taken away from them or will 32 million people lose their care? Will people with pre-existing conditions find their health care is now unaffordable, their options no longer exist or they’re back to being denied care altogether?

Without a single hearing, a markup, or any chance for public and expert input, Republican Senators are determined to repeal people’s health care next week.


The fact is that they are wrecking ⅙ of our economy in the next 6 days but won’t tell anyone how they’re going to do it.


Despite GOP leaders like Senator Cornyn hoping to keep it secret, a growing number of Republican Senators are demanding to know the truth:


Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska): “We don’t have a clear determination as to what it is we are voting for.” [Washington Examiner, 7/20/17]


Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine): “I have no idea whether it is gonna be another version of the Senate bill or whether it is gonna be the 2015 repeal bill.” [Washington Examiner, 7/20/17]


Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee): “I’m becoming concerned that it’s starting to feel like a bazaar … It’s almost becoming a bidding process, you know? Fifty billion here, a hundred billion there.” [IJ Review, 7/20/17]