Donna of Johnson City, TN

Donna of Johnson City, TN writes:

I am a 64 year old woman and housemaker with Type 1 Diabetes and advanced complications that sharply limits my ability to get around except in the home.

I was on TennCare but was kicked off and was denied Health Insurance due to my Diabetes and had to go without care for several years until the Health Exchange opened from Obamacare where I was able to obtain Health Insurance and then medical care for the complications from Diabetes.

I would have had an amputation of my right leg 3 years ago but with the Health Insurance and the medical care I received for it I was able to save my leg and now walk with a CROE walker on the Right, ankle, and foot and an AFO on the Left foot, ankle, and leg. Those orthotic appliances and the care required to get them were out of reach before Obamacare for me for years.

Please do not repeal Obamacare. Make it stronger and better and available to all.

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