diane of NY, NY

diane of NY, NY writes:

I am 64 years old, working full time as a physician and director of a non profit.  I live in New York City and I have 2 kids who are over age 26 – one works at a low paid job and one is a full time graduate student.  They are both receiving coverage through the exchanges.  They both have pre existing conditions.

I have patients with serious illnesses and chronic conditions who struggle to pay for their medical care, but would be totally abandoned without the provisions of the ACA to cover pre-existing conditions, to prevent life time maximums, and to get their preventive care.

As a physician it is inconceivable to me that you might have to be wealthy to have access to medical care if the ACA is repealed.  What kind of cruel society have we become?

Please don’t take away our access to healthcare!

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