Debra and Kevin of Snowflake, AZ

Debra and Kevin of Snowflake, AZ writes:

My husband and I retired to Az after working overseas for many years where we had socialized medicine.  We have been in Snowflake Az for almost 5 years and since we had no social security or other pensions we started buying rental properties for income so we are self employed.  We are conscientious landlords providing well maintained housing for those in the lower income brackets.  We also support our local economy by using local services like plumbers and electricians etc.


Two years before we retired my husband had a minor heart attack.  On arriving in the US we found that we could not afford health insurance due to his pre -existing heart condition.  And even if we could have afforded the insurance the coverage was poor and included a $12,500 deductible on my husband alone.  When the ACA was introduced about  a year after we arrived we immediately signed up for a Bronze account that had a low premium and a deductible of $6,500 each but after that was met paid 100%.

January of last year my husband had another heart attack, near fatal this time.  Without our insurance we would have  had to start selling off our rental properties to pay off the $250,000 bill which would have drastically reduced our income and would have made it that much harder to afford continuing health coverage.


The bottom line is that the ACA and Medicaid Expansion is not perfect but it is exceedingly better than what we had before.

The only reason for not implementing a single payer system is to serve the profits of the insurance and pharmaceutical company’s.  The GOP serve these companies at our expense.

HSA’s and tax credits  are a rich mans solution for a poor mans problem.  Healthcare should be a right not a privilege for a few.




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