Dean of Sevierville, TN

Dean of Sevierville, TN writes:

My partner and I own a small restaurant/retail point-of-sale (computer system) dealership in Sevierville since 2007 (we service all of Tennessee and north Georgia) and although we split the cost of health insurance for our two technicians, up until the ACA was passed, we could not afford health insurance for ourselves. After ACA went into effect, we were able to afford the premiums, and have been covered since. We are still paying off health expenses that we incurred before we got insurance thru the exchange. I know there are lots of other small business owners in the same situation in our area. Repealing the ACA without having something in place to replace it would be highly irresponsible and could critically impact our business and lives. Please do what you can to keep this very important law, or something like it in place.

I am glad that ACA has helped millions more be able to find coverage than could before the law was passed.

Please keep something in place.

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