David of Nashville, TN

David of Nashville, TN writes:

Grew up in a small, rural town a little south of Kansas City. Both of my parents were teachers, although they are now retired and living on a reduced income while helping me get through college. Currently, I live in Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University and I plan to stay here as long as possible (at least through 2020 when I graduate). I’m studying for two degrees–one in math, one in economics. I’m lucky enough to benefit from Vanderbilt’s need-based aid program, so I do not currently have to take out any student loans.

As I am under 19 and therefore¬†under 26, I am allowed to stay on my parents’ insurance plan through college and, if I need to, beyond. I of course plan to have a job upon graduation that would hopefully provide me with health insurance or give me the means to purchase it myself. However, not all things go as planned, and I recognize the support and stability that staying on my parents’ plan can provide me. Additionally, when I was in the first grade, my mom, only about 40 at the time, had a heart attack. Not only was this a shock to me at such a young age, but her health is still something that I worry about. At the time, she exercised daily and we all ate right, but it wasn’t enough. Heart disease is something that runs on both sides of my family. If I am unlucky enough require treatment for heart disease, affordable health care could help make sure I can recover without financial risk.

I am not the only student who can benefit from the stability of his/her parents’ plan. My mom is not the only one who has a preexisting health condition that could affect her ability to get health care to help pay for the medications that she needs to survive. America is a model first world nation. However, how can we preach American values if our right to a healthy life cannot be guaranteed? ObamaCare gives families the coverage they need and holds insurance companies to the highest standards.

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