Darlene of Nashville, TN

Darlene of Nashville, TN writes:

JMy name is Darlene Shelton,  I was born and raised  here in Davidson County, Nashville, Tn.  Living in the Donelson area,  for 7 years,  connecting with my community  in helping in anyway  I can.

I am a proud mother  of 2 young adults, &  a grandmother of 2 beautiful  and wonderful  grandchildren.

My passion is helping  any causes that are near, and dear to me, and the community,   More than anything  I love family & spending  time with my children  & grandchildren.

As a woman having Pre-existing issues and was once kick off insurance,  like millions were around  2004/2005, I know what it feels like not to have insurance.


  1. To be able to stand up for the community, to be the voice for those who  can’t speak for themselves,  or their families,  and to stand by those who are willing to stand up to the government, letting  them know where we stand, letting our concerns be known , and that we are tired,  and want changes that will help the people,  and not hurt their pockets,and not to help the government  line their pockets  with money at the expense  of the people.    To give  our love ones a fighting chances,  helping to save lives,  not destroy lives, and making it hard on families.

I want the Government to help the American people,  by keeping ACA( Obama Care), Save our community,  our love ones,  give them the chose, not take it from them.

Obama care has made insurance  better and affordable  for families,  giving preventive  care and protecting  people  from insurance  companies  abuse.   I want government  to think about the people!!!     To have no way of helping  your health  to get better, is  lifeless! A person’s life should be healthy.

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