Darcy of Tucson, AZ

Darcy of Tucson, AZ writes:

My husband and I are self-employed owners of small businesses in Tucson, AZ.  My husband is a self-employed ceramic artist and I am an on-line book retailer.  We have lived in Tucson for  20 years, and raised our young daughters here.  Despite the economic decline of 2008-2010, we diversified our business models and our businesses have grown in the past 8 years.  A large part of our prosperity has been the ACA.  Prior to ACA, we were forced to choose insurance plans that had huge deductibles and our premiums increased each year as our coverage was reduced.  We rarely had medical treatment, b/c our monthly deductibles were so high and many procedures were not covered.  Our monthly health insurance premium was our single largest expense. With ACA, the insurance plans available at our state marketplace have given us the most affordable and most comprehensive coverage to date.

We have always been concerned with the cost of health care, because as self-employed individuals, we have always paid much more than our friends and family who are part of large group plans offered/subsidized by their employers.  Prior to ACA, our monthly health insurance premium was our single largest expense, more than our mortgage, and our deductibles were $ 20,000+, and coverage was very bare minimum.
The current TRUMP health care plan will offer tax credits that fall very short of the subsidies that have been so critical to our ability to afford health insurance.  Likely our premiums will increase, and many procedures and treatments that are currently covered will no longer be covered.  Ultimately, we may have to choose between health insurance and other basic expenses such as transportation, mortgage, or education for our children who are approaching college ages.

I’m appalled by the negative propaganda re: ACA.  This carefully crafted plan enabled millions of previously uninsured people to have health insurance and kept health care costs in check.  The health of hard-working families should be a priority, not creating tax breaks for insurance and pharmaceutical companies and cutting Medicaid to pay for other government measures.  Put the health of all American FIRST by continuing to offer comprehensive, affordable health insurance.

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