Danielle of Collierville, TN

Danielle of Collierville, TN writes:

I moved to Memphis 8 years ago for a job on the medical staff of Baptist Memorial Health Care.  I am now a mother of two girls residing in Collierville and serve our paralyzed veterans at the Memphis VA Medical Center.  As a Christian, I believe we all deserve access to care, no matter our medical, cultural, social, economical, or ethnic status.

As a physician who is also a patient, I see both sides of the coin. I can empathize with the many women who will lose their reproductive and preventative health benefits.  I also have a pre-existing condition and others with the same should not be discriminated against or penalized by the insurance companies because of it. Our children need protection and coverage until they have navigated the education system and are able to work and support themselves to receive their own insurance.

The ACA has added many benefits to our health care system that are worth keeping this policy in place. Though it is not perfect, it has done more to help than to harm. I hope that legislators will work to make it better, not crush it and take Americans back to the era when lack of access was so rampant. Let’s give the ACA a chance to improve health care by supporting its underlying motive which is to offer every American the opportunity to receive the health care services that we deserve.

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