Cristen of Chattanooga, TN

Cristen of Chattanooga, TN writes:

I have lived in Chattanooga (North Brainerd) for almost 3 years, but was raised in Knoxville. I am a valuation specialist with 14 years of experience in analyzing various real estate markets and properties. Many of my neighbors rely on the Affordable Care Act for quality preventive care and immediate medical care. Given the census information for my area, this is not surprising. Most are “blue collar” or working poor and could not afford “market price” insurance premiums, if they could qualify at all.

I am fortunate to be able to afford quality medical insurance, however in the past, like many of my neighbors relied on “free clinics” to obtain just the minimum care since we could not afford the outrageous premiums charged by insurance companies. This was especially true during the “Great Recession.” While I have recovered financially, many of my friends and neighbors have not ( and some will not due to age and increasing health factors). I also have relatives who would not qualify for insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Without ACA, they would be forced to rely on emergency rooms or “free clinics.”


Given these examples, I find it beyond reason and sanity to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Are we to go back in time when insurance companies would deny coverage, kick people off coverage, and place “caps” on the amount spent!? We as a nation, and as moral human beings have (I pray) moved beyond this “profit barbarism.” I realize affordable care means caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ and it is my sincere hope that you recognize this as well.

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