Brynda of Smyrna, TN

Brynda of Smyrna, TN writes:

I’m a psychologist in private practice. I have had a practice here in Rutherford County since 2005. My husband’s work doesn’t offer benefits, so I have ACA insurance, as well as taking ACA insurance in my practice.

Having grown up with a mother who was an immigrant from Germany, I saw how their healthcare system worked. It never made sense to me that such an important service is tied to employment. It makes as much sense as having employer-sponsored schools or police.

As a psychologist, I have seen how many young people are able to get mental health services based on remaining on their parents’ plans. Without the ACA, they would not be able to get services.

As someone with ACA insurance, it allows me to keep my practice open. Not being able to get insurance kills small owner-operator businesses.


ACA insurance has helped all of us. We now can keep our adult children insured, we get free preventative care, and we are not at the mercy of insurance scams where nothing is covered. I see that benefit in my life, with good care for myself with my policy, but also with my clients, who are now able to receive quality mental health care. Please consider all of the aspects of this issue,  and call your elected officials to ask them to support the ACA.

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