Barbara of Nashville, TN

Barbara of Nashville, TN writes:

I am a retired Ph.D. Audiologist, trained at Vanderbilt University, who worked at the Nashville VA for 32 years.  I live in the Nashville Bellvue community and attend and am active in the Belmont United Methodist Church near the Vanderbilt campus.  I have been on 7 or 8 volunteer missions to both Mexico and Malawi with this church.

As a retired federal employee, I have been very fortunate to have had excellent health care throughout my employment with the VA, and have been able to carry this health care into my retirement.  However, I know many people (including my son) who have not been able to afford health care for their families.  My son is a veteran, and can use the VA health care services, but he was not able afford to purchase quality health care for his wife and growing family until the ACA was ratified.  He is certainly not alone in this problem, as you know.  It has greatly affected his and my peace of mind, thinking he may lose this health insurance for his family.  Working in the health care arena, I have heard many sad stories of people who have suffered significantly due to lack of health care coverage.

I cannot image Congressmen in our country repealing the ACA without providing a suitable and debated bipartisan replacement legislation regarding health care.  We need to put the American people first, not the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and lawyers who are the ones reaping the financial benefits.  I implore you not to vote to repeal the ACA until a suitable replacement can be ratified.

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