Amber of Memphis, TN

Amber of Memphis, TN writes:

I am a native of East Memphis  and grew up in a single parent home with my twin sister. I graduated from UT Martin last year with a degree in political science and will be starting law school next August.

Being able to stay on my mother’s insurance until I’m 26 is very important to me. I already have student debt and cannot afford health insurance on my own at this point.

My Grandmother had children who passes away because of no insurance. As a result my mother worked very hard to make sure my sister and I were able to get the medical care we need. She is a Lab Manager at Lebonheur hospital where she has worked for the last 12 years.

After hearing stories from my grandmother about losing children because they didn’t have access to affordable healthcare and watching my mom work so hard to make sure my sister and I were able to get medical care when we needed it, I am passionate about advocating and being involved in the healthcare fight. I tweet to our Governor on a weekly basis asking him to do something to protect those who do not have health coverage.

As a student I see firsthand other students without insurance unable to go to the doctor for routine medical care. They are forced to use the student healthcare clinics on campus. There is no where that I know of where students can get care for chronic conditions, they have to wait for it to become an emergence and go to the ER or the clinic.  This isn’t right!

Not having healthcare or being able to stay on my mom’s insurance until I’m 26 means that I won’t have healthcare because 1st year law students cannot work. I would have to give my dream of becoming an attorney in order to focus on my health.

For some not having health insurance or losing the coverage they have currently means death.

The solution is to amend parts of the existing bill to make it better, not take it away and start over.

I will continue to speak up and share my story!

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