Amanda of Knoxville, TN

Amanda of Knoxville, TN writes:

I have lived in Knoxville for over 20 years now.  My daughters are 23 and 20 years old.   My oldest daughter works 3 jobs and has a college degree.  And my youngest daughter is in college and works 2 jobs.  I work in West Knoxville at a job I love, however I’m only part time (30-34 hours) but fortunately for now I get health insurance.

As a part time employee I get medical, dental, and vision insurance and insurance for my 20 year old daughter.  It’s expensive but worth it! My daughter has type 1 diabetes and the ACA ensures she gets the medicine to keep her alive every month. Her father is deceased so it’s up to me to take care of her. She was on Tenncare as a child but then that got cut.

ACA gives me piece of mind knowing that for the next six years my daughter will be covered! Now I’m agonizing everyday wondering what’s going to happen if we lose her insurance.  My older daughter is an intern/volunteer at Planned Parenthood and uses Planned Parenthood for some of her medical care. If that is “defunded” then both of my daughters lives’ will be much harder!  This shouldn’t be happening in the “greatest nation in the world “! My children deserve to have access to healthcare.

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