Allan of Lenoir city, TN

Allan of Lenoir city, TN writes:

I’m 64 and have lived in Lenoir City area since 1990. I work part time for EnSafe in Knoxville.  My wife is a full time teachers aid at Bearden HS. I hope to retire at 66, but since my wife is several years younger, if she retires with me we would need to purchase her health insurance for several years before she can apply for Medicare.  Without the ACA, or something similar, we will be hard pressed to find health coverage for her due to preexisting conditions, and high cost!

  Two of my three children took time off between their BS and MS degrees. One spent 3 yrs in Peace Corps and the other worked. Both were able to afford health care during their MS programs only because of the ACA, and one still needs it. This provided us with great peace of mind to know they had health insurance, which we could not afford to pay for. I believe everyone should have affordable health care, a basic human need to support healthy minds and  bodies.

We say that American is the greatest country I  the world. That can not be true if we have human beings that are not able to receive basic health care and affordable health insure for young and old alike.

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