5 CBO Facts On Latest Devastating Health Care Repeal

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released an expert analysis of the latest health care repeal scheme from Republican leaders in the Senate.


Guess what? It said the same thing as the previous ones – health care repeal would devastate people’s health care. Every single time CBO has evaluated a health care repeal plan it’s shown cuts to coverage and costs increase. CBO has made clear you’d pay more and you’d get less if health care repeal passes. It can’t be fixed.


Here are 5 facts you should know from the latest CBO report:


  1. 22 million people lose health insurance – more than the populations of 16 states, including Alaska, Maine, West Virginia and Nevada, combined.
  2. Premiums go up 20 percent in 2018.
  3. Deductibles for someone earning $26,500 a year would be $13,000 – that’s 1,525 percent higher than the $800 deductible under the ACA.
  4. $756 billion in Medicaid funding is cut – 26 percent cut by 2026 – slashing nursing home care for seniors and critical care for kids .
  5. ½ the country would have no insurers in the individual market by 2020.

Those are probably the reasons that people prefer the Affordable Care Act over the GOP’s repeal by a 2-to-1 margin (50% – 24%) according to the newly released Washington Post/ABC poll, while an analysis by an MIT professor found health care repeal is the least popular piece of legislation in 3 decades.